Youth & Child Program

The Youth Department of McGill College provides curriculum design, curriculum arrangement and after-school tutoring for young people, aiming to improve all students’ academic performance in English, French, Chinese, French mathematics, IELTS, TOEFL, TeFaq, art, etc., and mobilize Learning interest, stimulate learning potential. We will also tailor the 1:1 learning content according to the child's situation, and truly become a good helper for the child's learning!

Course  List

  • Language Course
  • Primary and secondary school Course
  • Art / Music / Chess Course

Primary School COurse

McGill College has over 10 years of experience in primary school curriculum tutoring. We have a systematic teaching policy for the overall student and a personalized teaching design for different students. Our experience and methods make us that can easily face various student problems.

Robotics Course

Zone01 Robotics is a Not-for-Profit Organization with four mandates related to the advancement of educational robotics in Canada:

Promote technology in education to help retain students;
Support teachers in the integration of robotics by tailoring programs throughout the... Learn More

Language Course

Our Language Courses contain Regular language learning such as English, French, Chinese learning, also we provide professional languages training courses for students, to help them improve their language level in a quick time, and finally pass the exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, TeFaq, etc.., and to reach the goal that students needed.

TeFaq course

McGill College provides French courses for students who need to improve their French level for TEFAQ. We have the most comprehensive curriculum for students study from A1 - B2, we also provide TEFAQ listening and speaking individual courses. Small class teaching mode or one-to-one teaching mode can effectively help students improve their French and pass the TEFAQ exam.

Art / Music / Chess Course

McGill College selects teachers of various interest classes in instruments, chess, calligraphy, and painting for you, just to help children establish their own hobbies and develop students' interests into personal expertise that will benefit their life.


Tasty Bite Summer Camp

McGill College 2021 Tasty Bite -- Creative Cuisine ensures our children with an absolutely safe and hygienic environment and 100% healthy ingredients. Our cooking teacher is one of the main supervisors of the fine dining restaurant located in Montreal (works as a head chef, entrepreneur of several restaurants for 30+ years, served Queen Elizabeth II and Canada former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 2002). Learn more

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