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Want to teach a subject you are practicing? Or is it a new subject? Our meticulously planned time and courses will take you to meet the best students from all over the world in the shortest possible time. One-to-one or small class teaching, there are more than 60+ courses, and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is today.

Enrich your experience in one place

No matter what your teaching style is. You can get a wealth of auxiliary resources. Our textbooks cover a wide range of topics and styles. We will ensure that the course leads students through a complete learning journey. Rich experience and enjoy life.

Job Type - Part-time

  • Native English teachers (Elementary School Teachers),
  • Native French teachers (Elementary School Teacher & have Tefaq teaching experience),
  • French Writing teachers (Secondary School Teachers),
  • Math teachers (Elementary School Teachers & be able to speak English and French),
  • History teachers (Secondary School Teachers),
  • Science teachers (Secondary School Teachers),
  • Arts teachers (piano, guitar, painting, violin...)

*IMPORTANT: Please include the name of the position that you want to apply to in the resume.


Each day, each lesson, enjoy your life and education at McGill College.



你想教你正在练习的科目吗? 或者它是一个新的主题? 我们精心策划的时间和课程将带您在最短的时间内结识来自世界各地的最优秀的学生。 一对一或小班授课,60多门课程,因材施教就在今天。


不管你的教学风格是什么。 您都可以从中加语言文化获得丰富的教辅资源。 我们的教材涵盖了宽泛的主题和风格。 我们将确保课程引导学生完成他们的学习之旅。 丰富经验,享受生活。


  • 中文、英文、法语、中学英文学术写作(APA/Essay)
  • 中学法语写作
  • TEFAQ 辅导
  • 小学法语数学
  • 美术,艺术类(如钢琴、小提琴、吉他、古筝)
  • 要求:1. 具有相关教育背景 2. 教学经验丰富 3. 简历中请明确写出申请职位及详细教学经历

*请有意向者将简历发至 youth@collegemcgill.ca,谢谢!

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