Tasty Bite Creative Cuisine

Can't children keep up with English French learning? 2021 Tasty Bite Creative Cuisine Summer Camp is now open! At least three hours of study time per day in English, French, mathematics. Let learning entrust entertainment, and spend the summer vacation easily and happily!

Individual interest cultivation camp

Fully occupied and too busy to take care of your kids? Hurry up and sign up for our Cooking Summer Camp! We will free you of worries! We hire skilled craftsmen in various industries to teach children cooking, machinery and planting, etc. Let your children stand out among their peers! Choose and cultivate interests for your child, and do not leave any regret in the child’s childhood! 

Learn to enrich the mind 

McGill College summer camp for learning and enrichment is recruiting teachers with many years of  ESL teaching practice, they can quickly boost your English and French scores and rid the students of the pressure of study. Welcome class language improvement program features face-to-face and efficient tutoring, solving the problem of difficulties in oral expression, which can make sure the students can quickly and be integrated into the regular class. 

About our Tasty Bite

2021 Summer vacation is approaching, do you have any plans where and what your angels will be doing? 

Start your journey in Tasty Bite - Creative Cuisine Summer Camp with McGill College!
Improvement----Reading, Writing in French, English and Chinese!  Wow!
Tasty ----cooking with State Banquet Chef!  Wow!!
Learning---- Traditional Chinese Ink Painting and traditional instrument Erhu. Wow!!!

Who teaches our angels?

Head chef for Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada!
Professional and experienced teachers from McGill College!
Gold medal award winners in painting and Erhu!
Join us! Have fun with us during this summer!

Course Introduction

Courses introduction

Interest class

Creative Cuisine

The cooking class of McGill College Summer Camp provides an absolutely safe environment and 100% green ingredients to perfectly protect the health and hygiene of the children. The state banquet chef (held reception of Queen Elizabeth II and the former prime minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau carefully prepare to learn recipes suitable for children and teach them how to make meals!

Gardening Class


We guide the children to observe the nature around them, explain the knowledge of common plants and crops to the children, teach them how to raise seedlings, turn the soil, and graft them, and cultivate their own small plants together with them, and record the precipitation and growth of their own hands. With Bloom, children participating in the cooking class can even taste the fruits of their own sweat with their partners. Make children understand the hard-won of one porridge and one meal, and help children understand nature, respect nature, and feel the power of life.

ZONE 01 Robot Program

Zone01 Robotics is a Not-for-Profit Organization with four mandates related to the advancement of educational robotics in Canada:
1.Promote technology in education to help retain students; 2.Support teachers in the integration of robotics by tailoring programs throughout the educational years; 3.Facilitate and encourage interaction between educational robotics enthusiasts; 4.Develop and support robotics competitions in Canada.
Zone01 Robotics is the WRO National Organizer for Canada. The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is an international robotics competition gathering students from Grade 5 to university from over 50 countries. Every year, Zone01 Robotics publishes in January a modified version of the WRO challenges, adjusted so they can be solved in time for the regional events. Canada is the country where the national final takes place at the earliest date among all WRO participating countries.


The instrument masters of Erhu give guidance to music theory and the basics of the erhu, leading children to understand the history and culture of Chinese musical instruments and feel the charm of China.

Innovative sketch drawing teaching, students can be taught from o level. Through regular training, they can master basic art skills in a short time, improving art accomplishment and aesthetic awareness.

Following domestic calligraphy, teachers will guide students to practise handwriting together to help them establish good writing habits in childhood.

Knowledge course

English Course

The summer camp English course simulates the real English learning environment for children throughout the whole process, providing great opportunities in the four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Detailed English resources supplemented by solid grammar and writing training,  help children quickly accumulate vocabulary and improve children’s English level comprehensively. At the same time, we hire professional foreign teachers to assist in improving the children’s oral expression ability, so that fluent English oral output is no longer a dream.

French Courses

The summer camp French course covers the needs of students of all ages. The team will focus on reading and writing by effective pedagogical approaches and provide students with real and effective strategies for improving French. We foster the students’ French thinking patterns. By linking to Quebec’s junior and senior high schools Education system, we guarantee the students to get the key to enter the prestigious school (private school). Through more than 950 language interactive activities and a full set of teaching materials, students will be familiarized with common French vocabulary and practical sentence patterns.

Welcome Classes

For the children in the welcome class, we have experienced french teachers to guide the students to master the French pronunciation and grammar system. We cultivate children’s habit of applying basic vocabulary to the oral output so as to master practical sentence patterns and expressions, which will enable children to quickly integrate into the Quebec language environment and get out of the welcome classes in a brief time and step into normal teaching classes.

Math Course

Help children to correctly understand the applied mathematics problems in primary school. On the basis of solving the problems in French, learn to use logical thinking to analyze the meaning of the problems and use the correct formulas for calculations.

Chinese Course

Use Chinese standard textbooks. The teachers have certificates for teaching Chinese as a foreign language with a number of achievements including a bachelor’s degree in translation from the School of Foreign Languages. 

TEFAQ Sprint Class

The teacher team: Emma & Dai Feng. They provide each level of TEFAQ courses, from zero basic to b2 level, aiming at the PEQ who needs to immigrate and all kinds of international students and helping them to stay on the right track of immigration.

Teacher Introduction

Teachers introduction 

Jeffrey Lem

Currently working as a senior professional supervisor in Montreal catering service, and the chef of Montreal’s top fine dining restaurant. With more than 40 years experience of working as a chef, head chef and entrepreneur, he has served in several famous restaurants throughout Canada. Jeffrey was in charge of a terrace of 200 seats, menu designing and theme designing in the high-class seafood restaurant Marche Movenpick in Toronto, and owned Northern Light Cafe and Chicken & Ribs restaurant in Nunavut.

​​When Queen Elizabeth II visited Nunavut for the first time with the accompany of Canada former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on 2002 October 4th, Jeffrey and his team were in charge of all the feast of 450 people during the Queen and the Prime Minister’s stay. Jeffrey and his team were in charge of their food during their stay. And the Deviled Egg made by Jeffrey was the former Priminister Pierre Trudeau’s favourite dish at Nunavut.

The G7 Summit was held in the capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit, all the finance ministers and central bank governors from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States participated in the summit. Jeffrey was the head chef and led his team to make a feast for 250 people in total.

Maureen Isaac

Graduated from Concordia University, bachelor of Arts in Education, engaged in the teaching of primary and secondary school courses at the University of Ottawa for children.Proficient in English and French, has many years of public school teaching experience in Montreal. Her teaching style is humorous, friendly and patient.

Feng Dai

étudié en France pendant six ans, et a obtenu un diplôme de Master en Management International des Arts de la France. Elle a enseigné le français comme seconde langue étrangère dans une université en Chine pendant de nombreuses années et possède une riche expérience dans l’enseignement. 

Rachel Wang

Graduated from Concordia University, master’s degree in engineering, tutored students of different ages (from elementary school to university student). Active thinking, good at analyzing problems and applying logical thinking to explore solutions with students.

Wen San

Learned Erhu since childhood, proficient in the playing of famous ethnic musical instruments, and has abundant erhu teaching experience. She has been doing erhu basic training part-time until graduation, usually it is one-on-one and small-class music theory knowledge training and erhu education. After graduating from university, she has been engaged in full-time erhu training.

Emma Li

Engaged in French translation and teaching for many years. Have translated many French TV series and novels, good at teaching French grammar and TEFAQ exam training, also she has rich experience in training French writing for primary and secondary schools students.

Yi Tian

Bachelor of translation (Beijing Foreign Studies University), master of education (Concordian Univeristy) and Guqin performer. Five years of teaching experiences; active participant in Canada-China cultural communication. 

Intissar Slimani

Graduated in University of Montreal with Bachelor Major in Histroy, now working as a public high school teacher. Good at improving non-native speaker’s oral french and french writing.

Zienab Akkouche

Started tutoring primary school students 3 years ago, patient and passionate for tutoring student. Likes to help students overcome their challenges with improving their writing and communication skills.


Studies Arrangement

Name Introduction
SU A1 Tasty Bite (Kindergarten - Grade 2) Designed for children aged 5-7. Taking into account the efficiency of attending courses for young children, we set the duration of the class to1.5-2 hours, and arrange a special cooking class to integrate simple recipes to arouse the interest of these kids.
SU B1 Tasty Bite (Grade 3 - Grade 4) Students in grades 3-4. We have added relatively more complicated reading and writing projects in English and French, in order to better fit the concentration span for children of this age group, the duration of each class is set to 1.5-2 hours per session.
SU C1 Tasty Bite (Grade 5 - Grade 6) For more mature children in grades 5-6. Whether it’s cooking or robotics programming, the difficulty of the course is upgraded to a more open and complex level. At the same time, in order to meet the learning needs of senior children, the learning content will be fully enhanced to the categorization and consolidation of the knowledge to prepare the kids for the entrance examination of middle schools.
SU A2 Junior Entrance Examination Camp The 10-year experience veteran teaching teams teamed up with EMSB professional teachers and many other foreign teachers fully engage to help children on the way to the entrance examination!
SU C2 Welcome Class Camp Tailored to the needs of new immigrant children French, experienced Chinese teachers lay the foundation of kids’ French learning, facilitating them to quickly get out of the welcome class.
SU D2 TEFAQ Summer Camp The veteran lecturer analyzes how to sprint to B2 from the 0-based basis. The non-stop tutoring is just to help you break through the TEFAQ difficulties! There is no shortcut in the process of learning French, to fight with us during the summer vacation!

Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Camp Date

Start Date:2021 - 06 - 28

Over Date:2021 - 08 - 20


Before Summer Camp:2021 - 06 - 21 to 2021 - 06 - 25

After Summer Camp:2021 - 08 - 23 to 2021 - 08 - 27

Full-Daycare 25 CAD/天

Half-Daycare 5 CAD/天

Contact :514-800-3726 / 514-995-7688

Email Address:youth@collegemcgill.ca

Our Location:2021 Avenue Union, Suite 915, Montreal H3A 2C1

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Register for our summer Camp before 2021-04-30 to earn benifit:

1:$20 Registration fee waived

2:Youth Program Voucher $440:$50x5,$60x5

3:Zone01 Robotics Program Voucher $120

4:Vocational Training Program Voucher $300

5:$100 Textbook fees waived

6:$150 Camping tool fees waived

7:Get $50 free e-books

8:Five people sign up together. On the first day of the camp, each person will return $150 in cash, and if the other five people registered by introducing and we refund $150 again!

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