Concordia University语言学学士,清华经济学硕士,北京语言文化大学对外汉语教师学院毕业。早年在中央人民广播电台任教,学生为该台播音员及台长,擅长语言语法教学。 曾任国内大学继续教育学院副院长,外语学科带头人。在深圳创办了对外汉语师资培训基地、设置了魁北克移民法语及留学类英语课程。在蒙特利尔有多年 TOEFL、CELDT教学经验。了解不同学生的需求,设计不同的实用课程。  

Bachelor of Linguistics from Concordia University, Master of Economics from Tsinghua University, graduated from the Teachers College of Chinese as a Foreign Language, Beijing Language and Culture University. At before, she taught at the Central People’s Broadcasting Station, her students were the broadcasters and directors of the station. She is good at language and grammar teaching, she used to be the deputy dean of the Continuous Education College and the leader of the foreign language discipline. Established a training base for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language in Shenzhen. She has many years of TOEFL and CELDT teaching experience in Montreal. Understand the needs of different students and design different practical courses.

Jeffrey Lem

现任蒙特利尔餐饮届高级职业经理人,及 蒙特利尔顶级西餐厅RibNReef主厨,40余 年主厨和餐厅经营经验,曾在多伦多驰名 海鲜餐厅MarcheMovenpick担任副处, 菜单设计和主题设计。在Nunavut开设了2 家自己的咖啡厅NorthernLightCafe和餐 厅Chicken&Ribs。 2002年英女王QueenElizabethII和加拿 2002年英女王QueenElizabethII和加拿大前总理PierreTrudeau第一次参观 Nunavut时负责多达450人的餐饮宴会 2010年G7峰会在Nunavut省举行,2010年G7峰会在Nunavut省举行,参会者有来自加拿大,法国,德国 ,意大利,日本,英国和美国 的财政部部长和中央银行行长等,Jeffrey为主厨,带领他的团队为250人制作盛宴。

Currently working as a senior professional supervisor in Montreal catering service, and the chef of Montreal’s top fine dining restaurant. With more than 40 years experience of working as a chef, head chef and entrepreneur, he has served in several famous restaurants throughout Canada. Jeffrey was in charge of a terrace of 200 seats, menu designing and theme designing in the high-class seafood restaurant Marche Movenpick in Toronto, and owned Northern Light Cafe and Chicken & Ribs restaurant in Nunavut.

When Queen Elizabeth II visited Nunavut for the first time with the accompany of Canada former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on 2002 October 4th, Jeffrey and his teams were in charge of all the feast of 450 people during the Queen and the Prime Minister’s stay.

The G7 Summit was held in the capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit, all the finance ministers and central bank governors from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States participated in the summit. Jeffrey was the head chef and led his team to make a feast for 250 people in total.




Ms. Yang has rich Experience in Services Industrial



李超老师拥有12年从事教师职位的工作经验,曾作为著名外语读物《徒步旅行英语》《公务员英语口语》的主编,和PETS,IELTS,TOEFL项目负责人,Ms. Li 对于英语的听,说,读,写等各个领域有着极其深厚的见解。

Ms. Li has 12 years of working experience as a teacher. She was the editor-in-chief of the famous English language books "Hiking English" and "Common English Dialogues Of Publics Servants", and the project leader of PETS, IELTS, TOEFL, Ms. Li's have extremely deep insights of English Oral and Listening, English Reading and Writing.

Feng DAI



Studying in France for six years, graduated with a postgraduate degree in French culture and art management. He has taught French as a second foreign language in a domestic university for many years. He has rich teaching experience. He is good at summarizing and comparing the difficult problems of students, making it easier for students to understand and digest. Treat students seriously and responsibly with patience and affinity.




Has a wealth of erhu teaching experience. From university to graduation, Miss. San has been taking basic erhu training as a part-time job, usually one-on-one, one-on-two guidance or one-on-many training in music theory. After graduation from university, she also engaged in full-time erhu training for one year.

Maureen Isaac

Ms. Maureen is a Concordia University alumni with a Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies and a minor in Human Relations. She is also a graduate of Ottawa University with a Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior division program. She is fluent in both English and French. She has several years of experience working with children, she has been working as a substitute teacher in the Montreal area for approximately 2.5 years. Ms. Maureen is very good at encouraging students to reflect and ask questions. She always teaching with calm and patient.

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